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Evaluators’ Training – Second Round of ETIMAD Accreditation

 A training have been conducted on 1st/Jul/2017 to a number of CESA evaluator's in order to keep them updated with changes and updates that has taken place to the information package and the application accreditation guidelines ver 2017.2

The training has also launched the new evaluation framework and evaluation guidelines that will be used during the evaluation process and has ensured that the trainers are well aware of the details of the new framework to manage the evaluation process both credibly and efficiently.

the training agenda has also included an M&V supplement, in which the evaluators have been provided with an orientation about measurement and verification as well as the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol IPMVP to assist them in assessing the ESP M&V approach and perform a valuable role in pinpoint areas of weakness and practical recommendations for further improvement.

it worth to mention that training evaluators is considered one of the primary roles that CESA performs to ensure the quality of the ESPs application evaluation and providing means for promoting industry best practices.