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Coalition of Energy Services Associations (CESA) is a non-profit organization founded by three key Jordanian associations performing a critical role in the energy sector in Jordan; Jordan Green Building Council (JGBC), EDAMA for energy, water and environmental solutions and Renewable Energy Establishment Society (REES), aiming to impact the energy sector in the region through working hand by hand with all of the sector’s stakeholders including energy service providers (ESPs), energy consumers, the government, the investors, the donors and the financing firms.

CESA’s activities are rich and diversified and are all driven by the need to build a rigid market for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that serve consumers in reducing the burden of their energy expenditures, increase the profitability of ESPs and support the governments on a national level in optimizing the grid performance and enhance the overall efficiency of energy generation, distribution and consumption

Image titleCESA Vision Statement:

“Sustainable, competitive and mature energy services providers’ market in Jordan and the region.”

Image titleCESA Mission Statement:

“To elevate the quality of the energy services providers through implementing and maintaining a voluntary accreditation system that is recognized by relevant stakeholders and international agencies”


  • Transparency is the corner stone holding all of CESA’s activities together and giving it its identity and legitimizing its formation.
  • Excellence – Inspiring achievement, quality and excellence to ESPs is the first and foremost reason for establishing CESA and hence, CESA seeks excellence in all of its processes and procedures.
  • Dedication – CESA understands that growing and nourishing the energy sector is only possible through hard work and dedication from all parties and hence is dedicating its resources to serve this purpose
  • Leadership – Taking the lead and inspiring change in the energy sector is what CESA stands for and is one of its most important duties.