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  • ETIMAD Accreditation provides professional and high quality energy service providers with recognition that speaks for itself. Carrying ETIMAD  Accreditation delivers the simple and strong message about the company’s overall performance verified by a third party teams of expert and through a reliable and transparent process.
  • By being an accredited company you are gaining the advantage of being on the top of the list of companies considered for prestigious energy projects and serving clients who considers quality as a breaking point in their decision making process.
  • Furthermore, Etimad accreditation system is facilitating access to finance from different financial institution and donors for both ESPs and clients by providing a well-defined frame of the risks associated with financing energy projects which helps managing them and prevent them from standing on the way of gaining the best of available energy services and technologies.
  • Accredited companies and CESA members also enjoys access to CESA market intelligence reports reflecting critical issues in the energy market in the region. Information obtained from CESA market intelligence report can aid decision making for all stakeholders in the sector.
  • CESA provides different set of services designed to support ESPs including training programs, workshops, business forums and conferences as well as other activities addressing the different market segments which ESPs are targeting and hence extending the communication and outreach of ESPs and enhancing their marketing and business development functionalities.