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Izzat Marji Group

Accreditation Type Category
Full PV systems with capacity larger than 100 KW
Full SHW,Engineered Solutions

Established in 1985 by Izzat Marji, the Group began as a small private company selling central heating systems and accessories. It steadily evolved into one of Jordan’s top providers of heating and cooling systems, sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, Energy Efficient (EE) solutions, as well as system maintenance services, with more than 40 international brands under its portfolio.

Business Divisions :
1. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.
2. Sanitary Ware, Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures.
3. Fixing Systems and Power Tools
4. Firefighting Systems
5. Electrical Systems & Power Products

Targeted consumers :
1. Commercial
2. Residential.
3. Industrial
4. Governmental


ADDRESS : 10 Amer Bin Malek Street, Amman, Jordan

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Telephone : 2147483647